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Chaisang Spring is inside Jiujiang Economic Development Zone and within the core zone of the future urban area. It is adjacent to BaLi Lake to the west and faces the culturally famous Lushan Mountain to the east. An 1 km long landscape avenue links directly with it. The project covers 600,000 square meters of land and has a gross floor area of about 1.00 million square meters. It is the first ever super large cultural and ecological CLD in Jiujiang City and first ¡°Gold-medal Pilot Project for China¡¯s Human Habitat¡± in Jiangxi.
Quoting saying in a famous poem, ¡°pluck chrysanthemum east hedge down and leisurely look the south mountain¡±. The property is built along mountains and beside waters. It is an ideal place for residence. The architecture fully demonstrates the characteristics of water town in South China, adds tastes of modern architecture and is full of artistic atmosphere and appeals for imagination. Exquisite, flowing and harmonious arrangement of the whole neighborhood quarter write a new chapter of the modern life in Jiujiang City.