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Advocate of Value-added Real Estate

1.Graps macro trends
The development of the real estate industry outside of China in the past century has demonstrated that real estate
development is tightly linked to overall economic and wealth growth.
China is at a historical stage of rapid economic growth, demographic dividend, urbanization, vast population and limited land supply, which will collectively drive the long term growth and prosperity of the real estate sector.

2.Identify opportunities rationally
Acquire land with a long term view:
Acquire land early, when a regional market is about to be developed.
Acquire the land rhythmically:
Acquire land during market troughs to avoid over-paying.

3.Accurate Product Positioning
The Xinhu real estate products belong to two main categories. One category serves the needs of mainstream people in cities. The other category serves high-end people's needs for upgraded products and second homes.

4.Continuously improve quality
Xinhu real estate's brand value is composed of innovative concepts, assertive enterprise spirit and careful implementation.
New product development in Xinhu is based on target market segments. Meanwhile Xinhu pays attention to detail, such as continuous upgrades and quality management of its products in order to continuously improve its standing through residential technology integration. Projects that had been developed by its real estate branches in the last decade hold up the brand of "Xinhu Real Estate".

Illustriously real-estate and enterprise, value promotion
í­China Real Estate reputable brand
í­National Top100 well-known real-estate brands
í­China's most influential real-estate enterprise in the past two decades
í­China's most valuable real-estate listed company in the past three decades
í­China's most valuable real-estate listed company