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¡°Guolin¡± project lies in the west of Hangzhou city, close to the natural landscapes such as Xixi Wetland, Cangqian Higher Education Campus Area and Hi-tech Industrial Park, covering a total area of 540 mu, with the length from south to north of 780 m, width from east to west of 400 m. It is surrounded by mountains and river with very good natural conditions. Its traffic is very convenient, as its north side is Wenyixi Road, south is Provincial Highway 02 and elevated expressway, only 20 minutes to urban center. Its total construction area is about 430000 m2, while its plot ratio is 1.2. The architectural form comprises of multiple townhouses and landscape apartments. Through correct location, innovative design and elaborate construction, ¡°Guolin¡± will create a fine community integrated with mountainside ecological park and residential humane environment for Hangzhou to make people here fully enjoy an ecological, harmonious, comfortable and elegant life space.
The overall plan, architecture and landscape design of ¡°Guolin¡± project all melt into the idea of ¡°city mountain life¡±. ¡¡¡¡
The aim of plan and design is to construct this project as a new-style mountain life community in Hangzhou with good ecological environment, comfortable safety, convenient traffic, beautiful landscape, complete supporting facilities, human environment and outstanding characters.