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Tongxiang, the second-line city locates at the north of Zhejiang. Xinhu Zhongbao has created another wonder. A new-generation Shangri-la product-Tongxiang Xinhu ¡¤ Shangri-la, another beautiful place, shines brightly. ¡¡¡¡
The hundred-years old similar classics, 200,000 Square meters private houses in the urban center, are born for the succeeded people in Tongxiang. Xinhu ¡¤ Shangri-la, located at the noble life area in the north of city, east to Shiji Avenue, south to surround large-scale ecological ¡°Lufei¡± New Century Park, and west to Youyou Dingjiaqiao Harbor. It is integrated with classical North-America style architecture. The low density and low plot ratio private houses, the townhouse fine works, the garden houses, demonstrate the ideal life house and create classic living style.