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XINHU¡¤Shangrila is located at Daguan Mountain in Yuhang District, Hangzhou. It is close to Liangzhu Cultural Relic and nearly about 20 km from West Lake. The project covers 0.80 million square meters of area. Phase 1 is villa region, Phase 2 and Phase 3 is townhouse and landscape apartments. The project won ¡°General Award for China (Yangtze River Delta) Mountain Villas¡± and ¡°2005 Model Human Habitat¡±.
¡°Mountains surrounded are like a screen and lake encircled is like a belt¡±. Trees are exuberant and flowers bloom. The charm of Shangrila lies not only in her noble, elegant and implicit design style, but also in her virgin and beautiful ecology as if a lotus out of the water. Daguan Mountain, Xiaoguan Mountain, Gebao Mountain¡­¡­ they are interlocked and covered with green; Lanyue Lake, Zuiyue Pond, Yinyue Pond¡­¡­ the water is clear and suifable for shoals of fish.
¡°There is a beautiful place¡± ¨CXINHU¡¤Shangrila is becoming a luxury Living area with distinctive environmental features and cultural tastes in Hangzhou. It is not only a supreme mansion but also a quiet mountain home.